The Power of an Ordinary Life – Craig Gallen


Craig continues our series of the patriarchs, concluding our consideration of Joseph, in this message titled ‘The power of an ordinary life’. In conclusion, we learn of the way that Joseph finally reveals himself to his brothers – Exposing their wrong doing, but also demonstrating powerful compassion, and forgiveness. We are encouraged to bring healing and restoration to family and friends as The Lord directs us to encounter situations in life. This is indeed part of our calling
May we apply what we have heard today.
Scriptures in order of ministry:

Harvest Festival family service – Alison Strudwick


Today we have had a family service as our Harvest Festival. Led by Allison Strudwick and the children’s group team we have enjoyed:

  • A Play with the Farmer, learning the principles of sharing – from the resident mouse!
  • The Children read a poem they wrote – Thank you Lord!
  • A wonderful song sung by the Children’s group – Thank you for making me!
  • A word from Allison encouraging us to share the wonders of God’s creation

  • Here published we have just the poem and Allison’s word. Praise God.
    Tremendous congratulations to The Children, and to all who contributed to this memorable service.
    Well done everyone.

    Harvest Supper 10 October 2015


    Once again we are having our harvest supper complete with a varied ( and variable) selection of acts drawn from the many talents at James Street.

    This is a great night and we encourage everyone to have a go.

    If you want to do your party piece; a song, poetry, dramatic improvisation etc. Please contact Craig Gallen and / or leave a comment on this post if you have an act.

    Each act should last no more than 10 minutes including set up. 

    Acts I know about are listed below (not in running order). We need more input 🙂

    No Title Contact Description
    1 Song - Rose and Craig
    2 Act ?? Alison & Crew
    2 Comedy Becky's Mum